Music Events in Australia

Some of the best music events in Australia happen at the local universities. For example, the University of New South Wales has a performance hall that has featured bands like Brand New. Macquarie University has the SAM bar, which often has dances and parties that feature live bands and DJs. The big benefit of going to places like this is that bands from America will often tour to universities, so you can see bands that would otherwise never be near your home town.

If you want to go to these music events in Australia, you do need to get your tickets well in advance. They tend to sell out very quickly. The best way to do this is to go to the school’s site, look up the current events, and find the schedule for bands that may be coming there in the future. You can then go to the sites of the bands in question to find out when the tickets are going to go on sale. Online ticket sites will also provide you with this information. As soon as they go on sale, make sure that you are online with your credit card, ready to purchase. The tickets may only be up for a few hours before they sell out.

So imagine that a band that you wanted to see released tickets, but you missed out on them because you were in class. Is there no chance for you to go? In some cases, you may be out of luck, but you should note that some bands will have a contest and they will give away more tickets. For instance, the band The Used played in Australia once and they told people to simply write in a short paragraph explaining why they should get the tickets. They then picked the person who was the most convincing and they let them go to the show for free.

Do not miss out on any more music events in Australia. Go to the local universities when the bands arrive. These universities provide a great atmosphere for any show, with a lot of energy.